The Big Americans 

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Back To Big Easy



Songwriters – Wendell Wells & The Big Americans


Vocals – Magic Jackson

Lead Guitar – Barry Jenkins

Acoustic & Electric Rhythm – Wendell Wells

Keyboards – Will Rowe

Bass – Miss Christine

Drum Set – Rory Faciane

Percussion – Will Stone

Background Vocals – Wendell Wells, Will Stone, Miss Christine,

Rachel Rodriguez, Will Rowe


Horn Arrangement – The Treme Brass Band Horn Section:

Trombone – Terrance Taplin

Trumpet – Andrew Bahan

Baritone Sax – Rodger Lewis






Just need some little ole time to unwind

Get my mind lost in Spanish Moss

Feel the Pontchartrain Breeze

Driving Up 10 with my head in the Trees

Back to Big Easy

Get Back to Big Easy    ...Back to Big Easy


Bernie wontcha play wit mi Ponzi

Option S and P

Take all your CorPorAte Bonus

Party wit da  A  I  G   (Ohhh)

Make mi de Par A Chute Golden  

In da club wit dem Goldman Sachs

Gimme dat Green Green Money Machine

Mi Addicted like a Meth and Crack




One Point Two Point Three Point a Quarter

It’s all about de one on top of de order

Once you take a ride on dee Greedy Train

Ya never get enough ‘till dey Fall Like Rain




Back to Big Easy

Back to Big Eaeaeaeasy

Back to Big Easy

Back to Big Eaeaeaeasy