The Big Americans 

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Goin Down Bourbon Street



Songwriters – Wendell Wells & The Big Americans


Vocals – Wendell Wells

Lead Guitar – Barry Jenkins

Electric Rhythm – Wendell Wells

Keyboards – Will Rowe

Bass – Miss Christine

Drum Set – Rory Faciane

Percussion – Will Stone

Extra Vocals – Will Rowe, Miss Christine


Horn Arrangement – The Treme Brass Band Horn Section:

Trombone – Terrance Taplin

Trumpet – Andrew Bahan

Sousaphone – Jon Grossman

Baritone Sax – Rodger Lewis





Tell Iberville I don’t want anything that he’s sellin to the tourists

Tell Bienville I just dropped in ‘cause the music got me curious



Hey Now  ...Goin Down

Goin Down ...on Bourbon Street

Hey Now  ... Hey Now

Goin Doooooooown ....on Bourbon Street


Tell Madame Conti to call me up a looooong legged whore

Tell St Louis he can feed the poor with the bills I drop on the floor

Tell Toulouse I want a T-bone steak and his finest Cajun cookin

Tell Ole Peter sell me what he’s got while there ain’t nobody lookin




Tell Orleans I’ll be back at the Preservation Hall

Tell St Ann to bring some rum – my heads bangin offa tha wall

Tell Dumaine I’ll be back about 5 or 6 A.M.

Tell St Phillip when the sun comes up I’ll get my second wind




Tell Urselines all I need is a little ole bump o’ speed

Tell Governor Nichols to give me a break my nose is startin to bleed

Tell the boys on Barracks to meet me at the corner of Esplanade

…and we’ll take it on back, back to Canal with a Crescent City Parade