The Big Americans 

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Mother Pearl




Songwriters – Wendell Wells, Will Stone & The Big Americans


Vocals – Wendell Wells

Lead Guitar – Barry Jenkins

Acoustic & Uke – Wendell Wells

Keyboards – Will Rowe

Bass – Miss Christine

Drum Set – Rory Faciane

Percussion – Will Stone


Horn Arrangement – The Treme Brass Band Horn Section:

Trombone – Terrance Taplin

Trumpet – Andrew Bahan







Mother Pearl… in a low tight dress


Turn a reverent man… into a stupid mess


Make a Wild Cat growl… Make him fight all night


Make ‘em Hound Dog Howl… Break ‘em chain and bite


Mother Pearl… such a pretty girl

I would follow you… all around the world

I reach for your hand… but I can’t hold on

It’s like ocean sand… blowin in the wind


Mother Pearl… you come on like a rich man’s child

Who plays with a hundred men… in the palm of her hand

I can hear your voice… corners of my mind

Quietly laughing while I’m… wasting my time