The Big Americans 

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Sweet Marie



Songwriters – Wendell Wells, Will Stone & The Big Americans


Vocals – Wendell Wells

Lead Guitar – Barry Jenkins

Electric Rhythm & Uke– Wendell Wells

Keyboards – Will Rowe

Bass – Miss Christine

Drum Set – Rory Faciane

Percussion – Will Stone


From Norten’o Adiccio’n:

Accordion – Juan Molina & Tenor Sax – Juan Hernandez






I never cared to much about the girls in school

I never cared to much about their golden rules

I’m not Big and Rich and I don’t think I’ll ever be

The girls in school were not the girls for me

Here we go now

Ah, my Sweet Marie


I met Marie in a midtown coffee shop

She was the waitress and her mama was the cook

I never knew what Marie saw in me

But I saw everything in my Sweet Marie



You know I Like Her

You know I Need Her

I get Hot and I can’t Cool Down

My Head starts Spinnin Round and Round

For Sweet Marie


For Three Years now I been with my Sweet Marie

She doesn’t know it but I just bought a Diamond Ring

I’ll Spend the Rest of my Life with My Sweet Marie

If Sweet Marie will spend her life with Me





...My Sweet Marie

...You know I Like Her

...My Sweet Marie

...You Know I Need Her

...My Sweet Marie