The Big Americans 

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Voo Doo Witch



Songwriters – Wendell Wells & The Big Americans


Vocals – Magic Jackson

Lead Guitar – Barry Jenkins

Acoustic & Banjo – Wendell Wells

Bass – Miss Christine

Drum Set – Rory Faciane

Percussion – Will Stone

Accordion – Steve Conn






After 3 Cold Months on a Float in the Swamp

A Man gets Kinda Weary

Mais the Spring Rains come and the Mooring Snaps

It’ll drive ya down right Crazy

A Cou-yon Man Can’t Understand

How Life Slips through your Fingers

Goodness is Buried Beneath the Levee

Mais the Malice it Just Lingers



When the Full Moon

Comes over the Bayou

And the Cold Coyote Bays

I’m Gonna Grab my ... My Forty Four Sir

I’m Gonna Blow Somebody Away



Some Said it was Insanity and Some Said Lust

But Only the Wanga Dolls Knew

The Funerals come and the Tumbas Rumbled

As the Terrebonne Breezes Blew

Oui the Folks grew Freesons as the Preacher Prayed

And the Children Began to Twitch

Mais the Full Moon Set and Old Loup Garou Bayed

You could tell it was the Voo Doo Witch