Campaign Guarantee

#1 – No Campaign Donations

I, Wendell Wells Blankenship will Never accept any financial campaign donations; Neither me personally, nor in a fund directed by me personally. The only way supporters can donate is with service time and goods or services intended to assist with campaign operations, consequently identifying themselves. I will not touch the money and neither should any other candidate.

#2 – The Confidence Amendment

Any law now presented to US Congress is Compromised. Therefor, when elected I, Wendell Wells Blankenship, will relentlessly work to pass The Confidence Amendment and secure it’s ratification. Thus forsaking all measures presented to Congress as meaningless. It will be better to muster  sponsorship for The Confidence Amendment. In hopes of blocking Congress’ statutory animosity than to continue supporting such antagonism.

#3 – Majority Rules

Once The Confidence Amendment is ratified… I, Wendell Wells Blankenship, will work relentlessly to survey registered voters of Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District, propose law and vote according to the wishes of the majority.