Wendell Wells &

Comics & Video
Animation & Digital Illustration – Lizard Pixel Studios
Illustration – The Great White Python
Screen Plays & Direction – Wendell Wells
Assistance – Will Stone

Production, ReMixing, Posting & Tracking – Mervin Louque
Production & Tracking – Jason Gillespie & Will Stone
Tracking Horns – Andrew Baham
Mastering – Mervin Louque
Co-Production – Wendell Wells

Web Site & Digital Media
Rigo The Programmer
Lizard Pixel Studios
Ricky Dean
Mike Hill & Donnie Rollins
Shaundra Lenae & Josh Lampright

Rigo The Programmer
The Great White Python & Viktor Danilyuk
Josh Lamprightr
Tim Moses & Byron Fanning

Habu Shu Master
Myron Miller

Special Thanks To:
God The Father, Tiago and Jessie Grazziotin, Travis Lee Potts, Barry Jenkins, John Graham, Mike Muldoon and Ginny Welsh, Santos Gonzalez, Poncho Herrera, Glen Paddie, Jose Gomez, Jim Hudson, Chris Lopez, Rich Miller, Sherard Jackson, Benny Jones Sr., H. B., and the Families of Participants who
encourage and support us.